Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Live Your Life

For Mom

“Live your life and don’t be scared,”
Echoes from what seem like ages.
And I sit with my shoes off on the rug,
After I close the door from outside.
I’ve found inside to be much warmer,
Despite heating the entire neighborhood,
And chosen in rather than out
For in is where we keep what’s near
Near can be close enough

Distant echoes seem farther each day
For I am grown and blessed with your lessons
Kept near like my desire for the inside
Yet still echoing throughout the entire neighborhood
And kept dear like the memories we both share
“Live your life and don’t be scared.
Now close your eyes and just lay there.
Sleep will come and I’ll still be here
In the morning when you wake.”

I hear you in my thoughts
And in everything I do
I’ll be sure that when I’m through
To turn the light off as I leave

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