Monday, April 14, 2008

The Road Away from Pain

Troubled youth with plans of manhood
Put it off for just another day
Another way to let you forget
Everything you’ve lived for all this time
Procrastinate, wait till later
While falling down further through the straw
Habits form, a must-do custom
Ballooning to the point where it may burst
Such a thirst for all these reasons
Where treason wounds the soul and body hurts
A hobby cursed on many levels
Befriend the devil, shake hands with the bad
Make a deal and pick your poison
Do everything you said you never had
Fake a smile, lie a while
Be sure to bare false witness through your teeth
Turn your back and leave the people
You’ve been see-through in this town for way too long

Or maybe you could make a change
Umbrellas help to shield the rain
Sunshine will find you on your way
On the road away from pain
Or maybe you could take the day
And change the things you do or say
Remind your mind it’s on its way
On the road away from pain

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