Monday, April 14, 2008

Crown of Daisies

For Steve and Kristine

For a man that was married three times
He had but just one love of his life
She was the apple of his eye
She was a princess with a crown of daisies
Holding his hand to stand strong
Walking along in ruby slippers
In a Dorothy dress she sang

He knows this crazy world
He’s been around the block a time or two
His life has been as hard as he can think
And he doesn’t want the same skeletons for you

Always working, living on bread and water
To ensure she ate well was all that mattered
That she smile as she did when she sang
To his fragile face in the crowd
The room was full yet she dared not look away
For her fear of falling down
And he looked back with welling eyes
She was a star in the night
She was a princess with a crown of daisies

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