Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I do believe in monsters
they live internally
infernally burning
they're yearing to take their turn on me
so I learned to see
past the glamour and glare
and keep my manners fair
as long as stamina's there
but a man is impaired
by that which does define him
it blinds him
yet in his own mind reminds him
of what he strives to be
until lies impede
the truth is subjective
we reply to needs
some rely on greed
to achieve their petty dreams
and conjure petty schemes not readily seen
but still steadily stream
and leak into society
prying it open
will have you crying and hoping
while slowly dying from doping on societies potion
your eyes need to open
and look inside for the token
be sure to hold it tight or else
it might just get broken
through the sight and the spoken
the monsters are provoken
and awoken inner demons
means the scheme is set in motion

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