Monday, March 31, 2008

And They Say Time Heals

When I pass your house
I still find myself veering towards
The curb
I look for your car
I fight to keep from beeping
The horn
Sometimes your light is on
But that’s not your light anymore
And sometimes you’re home
But that’s not where you live
Sometimes I see you walking
But that’s not the person I knew
It isn’t you there standing on
The curb

We fell so long ago
I practically forgot we had ever taken
The fall
In fact, it’s been so long
It might as well have never happened
At all
Perhaps that’s what hurts the most
Even though I no longer feel it
And perhaps that’s what’s wrong
Even though we can’t make it right
Perhaps one day I'll finally realize
It isn't you there standing on
The curb

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