Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Depot

You said you had to get out
You had to go right now
So I followed you downtown
To the depot
Where a one-way was enough
It was enough for where we’d go
And we’ll know we’ve arrived
When we get there
Where we always have enough
Where our life is never rough
And the sun is always shining
Through the rain clouds
We could live just how we want
Without any consultation
If we only could get down
To the depot
Where we’ll bravely board the boxcar
Show a stub, light a cigar
And dream of what we’ll do
When we get there
To live out our lives in the sun
On a patio recliner
And see the silver liner
Through the rain clouds
You said you had to go
You had to get out right now
So I followed you down town
To the depot
Where our one-way was enough
To get us where we wanted
And we spent the day dreaming
Until we got there

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